2022 Payroll Tax Update New Forms and Requirements Explained

Dayna Reum
From: Jul 12, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


This webinar is designed to help the participant to know the updates for 2022 necessary to stay in compliance with the IRS.  Did you know that penalties for information returns get updated each year and can cost your company money if W-2s and the required ACA forms are still required?  Or that the IRS has implemented the requirement that employers report the Sick and Family leave wages paid to employees and taken as a credit on Form 941 be reported on the Form W-2. Review of expiration of the COVID credits and what that means for 2022 reporting. These kinds of items and many more will be reviewed.  2022 payroll form and tax updates are key to your business and this webinar will give you what you need to be successful and stay compliant

Learning Objectives:-

  • To understand where we are in current legislation 
  • Understanding all the COVID-19 legislation and how the expiration is impacting employers even into 2022
  • Review of 2022 legislative updates
  • Review of the new Form 941 and why some COVID credits are still on it
  • New W-2 for 2022 has been released what is changing
  • Form updates and how to handle them for 2021 (W-2, W-4, 941, etc) 

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