2023 ICD-10 Coding Updates - Home Health and Hospice

Sharon Litwin
From: Oct 27, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


Every year the ICD10 codes are updated and always start on Oct 1 of the previous year, in eg, 2023 new code set begins on October 1, 2022. Although we have been using ICD 10 with all of its complexities and specificities for many years now, each year More codes are added, deleted, or revised. It is important for hospice and home health agencies to keep up to date! Many new and revised codes are to make the codes more specific each year- meaning 1 code could be deleted for a diagnosis and 6 new codes are now in use for the same diagnosis! This year there are 1147 new codes!!! And Major Changes in Depression codes- adding severity levels and specific mental and behavioral conditions

Areas Covered:-

  • Each chapter of ICD-10 with coding changes
  • Coding guidelines
  • New, Revised, Deleted Codes
  • Changed Excludes 1 and 2 notes and clarifying terms
  • Key focus on Dementia – as has added severity levels and many behavioral issues into codes

Why Should You Attend:-

This webinar will go over every update to the ICD10 code set for 2023, beginning on Oct 1, 2022. Although many may rarely be used by hospice and home health, it is important to know all of the changes as they could be used in rare cases. It is important that you understand all changes, additions, and revisions in time for Oct 1, as ‘old’ codes will be rejected when you submit them.

Who Should Attend:-

Home health and Hospice Agencies – Coders, Clinical Managers, Billers, Field clinicians

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