Avoiding an Audit: ADA and 504 Rules for Colleges

Kent Seaver
From: Feb 15, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023
Recorded Webinar


The focus is on the “why” of what we as academic institutions do. Understanding the “why” allows for strong, specific formulas in terms of academic success. The “why” allows us to understand the issue, the need for change, and the reason for implementation. The how can come later.

Specific questions or pieces of information that will be answered and answer and disseminated are:

  • Why ADA and 504 are arguably the most important aspects of federal law related to education.
  • How Justice Department Agreements and ASDA Audits can positively and negatively affect your campus
  • Preserving, and in some cases achieving, diversity will go a long way in students with documented disabilities to become acclimated to your campus and succeed even after graduation.

The key takeaway in regard to the need for this presentation, as well as the whole ADA and 504 process, is the need to build a bridge and tear down a wall. Belonging is a key element in what a student uses in choosing what college to attend.  Implementing and administering (as well as understanding) proper ADA and 504 access policies summer serves the needs of various student cohorts and allows them to ease the transition to higher education. In addition, these policies and understanding foster college success by providing students with the academic skills and social resources needed to succeed in a college environment.

Access to education is the most important aspect of any educational institution’s mission. If this access is denied, or unnecessarily hindered, it can have serious legal and social impacts on your institution. Having a clear and concise understanding of students protected by ADA and 504 and how they interact with academic institutions addresses not only academic and social needs, but also can ensure a clear and guided path to the workforce and economic success.

Areas Covered:-

  • Understanding what outside factors influence, and motivate, Generation Z students
  • Having a successful intervention in place to assist this distinct cohort
  • Being able to successfully navigate the collegiate experience, from the entrance to employment.


While the Americans with Disabilities Act and section 504 are things we are familiar with, colleges and universities are still having issues complying with the letter of the law.

Why should you Attend:-

This presentation will inform higher education as to the proper ways to navigate ADA and 504 on today’s college campuses. Even with all of the methods of communication, as well as the data itself, too many schools are ignorant of not only the rights of students but of the rights of the institution. By becoming better familiar with the federal laws related to the rights of the disabled. College campuses can create policies that provide a positive, welcoming, and encouraging area for students with different needs. By doing so, educators can create environments where differences are not viewed as negative impediments, but instead as arenas where individual strengths are recognized.

50 minutes will be spent examining the rules and updates regarding ADA, 04, and how various colleges and universities are being both proactive and reactive. The last 10 minutes will be reserved for Questions and Answers. By creating a two-way dialogue in the time I have allotted, I intend to act as a communicator as well as a sounding board for those interested in college access and 504.

This presentation is perfect for a very diverse group of campus stakeholders who may work at either 2- or 4-year campuses: Directors of Institutional Equity, 504 ADA Coordinators, Deans, and those tasked with maintaining equal access and inclusion. Technology and a changing student need and identity have necessitated the changes colleges are making, and still, need to make. This presentation will examine how these cohorts can successfully assist today’s students.

Who will Benefit:-

This session should not only be attended by ADA and 504 Coordinators, but counselors, advisors, faculty, and administrators that deal with, or have dealt with, students and staff members who might require reasonable yet adjusted accommodations. Understanding and enforcement of ADA and 504 is truly a team effort, and all members of the team should be aware of the best steps and practices to ensure a safe and compliant campus.

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