Chronic Care Management - What do you need to know to Design and Implement Successful Program

Dr. Irina Koyfman
Apr 04, 2023 , 01 : 00 PM EST
60 Minutes |  15 Days Left
Live Webinar


CMS began payment for Chronic Care Management in 2014, with multiple changes throughout the past 9 years ( adding more codes, adding a New concept – Principle Care Management, and increasing fees by ~50%). CCM has become a hugely profitable endeavor for many healthcare providers.

More vendors are coming to the “playground” with their software, clinical teams, and billing capabilities. Providers must be more vigilant in choosing CCM vendors because the billing is always done under providers making them accountable for everything the vendor is doing.

Understanding compliance, knowing best practices, and starting off appropriately is essential for a Chronic Care Management program to be effective, compliant, and efficient.

This webinar will explain CCM and PCM and best practices such as:

  • Understand the CMS Policy on CCM and PCM
    • Patients’ qualifications
    • Billing requirements
    • Who can and cannot bill for CCM 
    • Consent
    • Comprehensive Care Plans
  • Evaluation plan
    • Patient Population
    • In-house vs Outsourcing pros and cons
    • Software vs EMR
  • Implementation plan

Learning Objectives:-

  • Viewers will be able to verbalize key components of CCM
  • The viewer will be able to summarize the evaluation plan
  • Viewers will be able to identify what is needed for the Implementation of the Plan

Why Should You Attend:-

If you are doing CCM you probably have many questions that Dr. Koyfman can answer. If you are not doing CCM, you are living money on the table.

Who Should Attend:-

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Population Health Officers
  • Innovation officers
  • Billers

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