Communication Skills Master Class

Pamela Jett
From: Feb 28, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023
Recorded Webinar


The research is very clear. Over the past two decades, organizations have significantly redefined the roles of senior-level leaders, particularly those in the C-Suite. While traditional capabilities such as excellence in performing operational tasks still remain relevant, one qualification is now valued above all others and that is STRONG SOCIAL SKILLS, specifically communication skills.

To be successful, executive leaders must spend a significant amount of time interacting with others, communicating information, facilitating the exchange of ideas, creating psychological safety, and managing conflict. All of this is best done by leaders with strong communication skills.

During this communication master class facilitated by communication and leadership skills expert Pamela Jett, you as a senior-level leader will: 

  • Discover why communication is the most important social skill you can polish.
  • Master the art of communicating assertively (not aggressively or passively) in a variety of situations, including challenging ones such as conflict.
  • Uncover your leadership communication approach with a powerful assessment.
  • Maximize your ability to create a psychologically safe culture by knowing the words to choose and the words to lose.
  • Eliminate sneaky communication habits that may sabotage your leadership success.
  • Leverage the art of powerful questions to get better results.
  • Master the art of active listening to create a culture of teamwork and cooperation.
  • Learn common communication pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Discover the 3 keys to Relentlessly Positive communication and how to use those keys for better results when giving feedback, navigating difficult conversations, motivating others, and many other leadership situations.
  • Create a personal action plan to take your communication skills to the next level.

More than just feel-good fluff or theory, this master class is loaded with communication strategies, templates, and other tools you can use immediately to become the kind of communicator and leader that others want to work with and for.

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