Developing a Food Safety Culture For FSMA

Gina Reo
From: May 10, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


Instilling a passion with team members to create a Right Time Culture for Quality and Food Safety ensures wholesome products everyone can enjoy. This process begins with a plan aligned with FSMA, a Food Safety Roadmap, that starts at the design stage, through production, monitoring, and finally when the customer or consumer indulges in the vast array of today's convenient food products available globally. The safety of these products and creating that satisfying experience is the result of key attributes aligned to consumer expectations. Creating that product correctly from the get-go is the result of a Right First Time Culture. The opposite result can lead to added or hidden costs, waste, poor customer experience, or worse recalls and foodborne illness.

Areas Covered:-

  • Food Industry Landscape and Recalls
  • Manufacturing Challenges or "What about my day job?"
  • Consumer/Customer Expectations
  • Risk Minimization or Preventative Control Programs
  • Systems Approach-Layered Format
  • Taking First Steps, Raising Awareness
  • Making it Personal, the Behavioral Shift
  • Take it Forward

Why Should You Attend:-

Information and guidance on how food manufacturers can develop a Food Safety Roadmap that changes the culture to place quality and food safety top of mind for the entire organization, in accordance with FSMA's new Preventative Controls. This course will examine challenges in Food Safety within manufacturing, product design, and execution to transform from a lack of understanding about product safety and basics in sanitation to an attitude of technical assurance that food processors safely embrace a role in feeding the world. Finally, this course will look inward toward the behavioral change needed to make this leap to a Right First Time Culture.

Who Should Attend:-

  • Quality and Food Safety Staff/Management
  • PCQI Members
  • Operations Lead/Supervisors
  • Sanitation Leads/Supervisors
  • Plant Management
  • Warehousing Managers/Leads
  • Maintenance and Engineering Leads/Supervisors
  • Procurement Team Leads
  • Crisis Coordinators
  • Company Leadership
  • Risk Managers
  • Senior Leaders

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