Diffuse the Confusion in Coding Injections/Infusions

Victoria M. Hernandez
From: Oct 07, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


  • There are specific guidelines to strictly follow when capturing complex injection and infusion codes.  Many hospitals and clinic settings continue to struggle with these complex codes.  Even though the CPT code range for injections and infusions only comprises a very small fraction in comparison to the other sections of the CPT codebook, these codes continue to pose a challenge for coding professionals.  Failure to report the correct injection and infusion codes may negatively impact submitted claims, fail an external audit, or be at risk for non-compliance. 
  • Are intramuscular injections part of the hierarchy?  Can we report multiple initial services?  Is dehydration the only diagnosis required when reporting hydration services?  When do we apply a modifier when reporting hydration services?  Can we report an infusion if an IV push injection is documented for more than 15 minutes?  Can we report an IV push if a short-duration infusion is missing a stop time?
  • Join us in this informative educational webinar as we conquer these challenges and apply complete, compliant coding practices.  We will be practicing hands-on coding on various case scenarios as well as preparing for external audits involving these complex codes.  Whether you’re a new or seasoned coding professional, a student, a manager, or an educator, join us as we walk through the CPT hierarchy, the coding guidelines, and the documentation requirements.

Areas Covered:-

The goals and objectives of this webinar are:-

  • Appropriately report and code the “initial”, “subsequent” and “concurrent” services
  • Review best practices for complete documentation of injections and infusions
  • Know and identify supporting clinical documentation and medical necessity for services provided
  • Assign the correct codes involving hydration services and infusion of multiple drugs
  • Practice coding in sample injection and infusion case scenarios
  • Incorporate a robust audit plan and education


We will walk you through how to apply coding guidance on injections and infusions with supporting documentation

By attending this upcoming 60-minute online training, you will learn how to:-

  • Assign codes for hydration and infusion of multiple drugs accurately
  • Identify supporting documentation and medical necessity
  • Capture the “initial”, “subsequent” and “concurrent” services correctly
  • Apply coding tips and best practices for complete coding of injections and infusions
  • Practice coding injections and infusions in sample case scenarios
  • Incorporate a robust audit plan and education

Why Should You Attend:-

Coding for injection and infusion services may confuse even seasoned coding professionals. With the required coding hierarchy, the multiple interchangeable add-on codes, along with the units administered it’s a constant struggle for hospitals and clinics.

You don’t have to tackle these tricky codes on your own. By attending this upcoming online training, you may gain the tools that you need to assign your injection and infusion codes accurately.  

Who Should Attend:-

  • HIM Coding Supervisors, Managers, and Directors
  • Hospital Coding Staff
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Management and Staff
  • Reimbursement Specialists
  • Coding Compliance Management and Staff
  • Auditors and Educators

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