Effective Onboarding - How to Welcome, Engage, and Retain New Employees

Bob McKenzie
From: Feb 02, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023
Recorded Webinar


Effective Onboarding How to Welcome, Engage, and Retain New Employees with Your In-Person and On-boarding Virtual

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. The Onboarding Process is that one chance. All new hires are highly motivated on their first day of employment. Whether you call it Onboarding, Induction, Enculturation, or New Employee Orientation, the process used to welcome and train your new employees while capturing their excitement about a new job and reducing their new job jitters is critical to their success. Dealing with new employee jitters and uncertainties is a high priority in orientation programs.

The process of orienting new employees to their new position, their new work environment, and their new colleagues takes time, and if not done effectively, the new hire leaves and goes elsewhere. Onboarding is a strategy and a process that extends well beyond the first day on the job. It is a critical process to get the new hire off and running in their new environment and become acclimated to their company, position, and colleagues.

A comprehensive Onboarding process results in a higher level of engagement and the new employee reaches productivity much sooner. Poor onboarding results in higher turnover, lower productivity, and lower profitability.

Areas Covered:-

  • The Importance of A Good First Impression
  • Julie’s Story – What Went Wrong?
  • Post Job Offer Things To Do
  • First Day – Human Resources
  • First Day – Department
  • Onboarding Portals
  • Virtual Employees
  • Buddy
  • Managing Expectations
  • Checklist
  • New Hire On-Boarding Survey
  • Action Items

Learning Objectives:-

  • Obtaining an understanding of your rights and responsibilities under the Fair Credit
  • Reporting Act, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Guidelines, and state and municipal regulations on Ban the Box.
  • Obtaining knowledge of the steps that must be taken in the recruitment process to be in compliance with the myriad of regulations.
  • Obtaining a better understanding of Negligent Hiring and how to avoid it in the hiring process.

Session Highlights:-

  • A thorough review of the Fair Credit Reporting Act in the hiring process
  • When to send Adverse Action Notices
  • Protecting your organization from negligent hiring and retention lawsuits
  • Understanding the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines on background and credit checks
  • What is “Ban the Box” and how does it affect hiring decisions
  • Making it all work together.

Why Should You Attend:-

A strong onboarding process is critical to your success as an HR professional as well as the success of your organization. Learn the nuances of effectively bringing new employees into your organization.

The Interplay Between the FCRA, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Ban the Box in the Hiring Process

The Federal Consumer Protection Bureau issued a final rule summarizing consumer rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act in 2019 when conducting background checks on potential new employees.

Additionally, many states and municipalities have passed “Ban the Box” legislation making it illegal to ask about criminal convictions on an employment application. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has added to the confusion by publishing its own guideline on the use of background checks for hiring purposes. Wading through all the pre-hiring regulations has become burdensome for employers to understand their compliance requirements.

Even more perplexing for employers are the reporting requirements for adverse actions which require you to notify the applicant of a disqualifying item on the results of the background check and give them time to refute the results.

Couple all of this with protecting employers from negligent hiring and retention lawsuits and you know why many human resources professionals are pulling their hair out trying to be in compliance while making good hiring decisions.

This webinar will review the intricacies of dealing with all of the above to recruit and retain the best employees possible.

Maintaining compliance in your recruitment and hiring practices is crucial to all organizations.

Understanding the rights and responsibilities of employers in this process will actually assist the employer to make better employment decisions.

Who Should Attend:-

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Employees responsible for recruitment
  • Employees of recruitment agencies
  • Anyone responsible for making hiring decisions.

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