Excel - Power Pivot For The Everyday Excel User

Mike Thomas
From: Jul 19, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


This webinar introduces you to the DAX formula and function language that is part of Power Pivot. You will learn how to access DAX, understand its syntax and create calculated columns and Measures (a special type of DAX formula)

We hear a lot about the benefits of storing your list-based data in Excel's Data Model instead of in worksheet cells. Most of those benefits revolve around how much data you can store, how much space you can save, and how much easier it is to create Pivot Tables from multiple data sources.

But dive a little deeper and you'll find a whole magical world of DAX, Measures, and CUBE functions which will help you to take your reporting and data analysis skills to the next level. This is where the Power of Power Pivot comes in. Think of DAX as Excel formulas on steroids. Without it, you are using a fraction of the capabilities of Power Pivot.

In this training, you will learn, using practical examples, how Power Pivot provides Business Intelligence and reporting functionality within the familiar environment of Excel to provide you with better business insights and enable you to make more informed business decisions.

Areas Covered:-

  • Introduction to DAX (the Power Pivot formula language)
  • Manipulating text with a Calculated Column
  • Performing a Lookup with DAX
  • Working with dates in DAX
  • DAX Calculated Columns v Query Editor Calculated Columns
  • Introduction to Measures
  • The all-important CALCULATE function
  • CUBE functions - letting the worksheet talk to The Data Model

Why Should You Attend:-

If you want to take your reporting capabilities to the next level by learning how to leverage the functionality of DAX formulas, this is a must-attend training session!

Who Should Attend:-

This training is aimed at users who are familiar with the basics of Power Pivot and The Data Model and who wish to take their knowledge and learning to the next stage.

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