Growing Your Team: How to Recruit and Select the Right Employees

Jay A Shorr
From: Aug 15, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


In the beginning, a brand-new practice survives on the same motto as any other business: doing more with less. However, with success must come growth! One of the most common questions received is this: "How do I recruit and hire a rockstar team member to join my practice?"

Join us for this webinar to learn the best strategies to recruit and hire dynamite team members, techniques to conduct successful employee interviews, key things to look for in a potential candidate, and steps you absolutely must take during the training and incentivizing phases to retain your new employee. In other words, you will learn how to get AND keep your favorite new team member from the start!

Learning Objectives:-

  • Learn how to determine what is the problem in your practice that the new team member's role will solve.
  • Learn the best strategies to recruit and hire dynamite team members
  • Learn techniques to conduct successful employee interviews
  • Learn key things to look for in a potential candidate
  • Learn key steps you absolutely must take during the training and incentivizing phases to retain your new employee

Areas Covered:-

  • Stages of Hiring
    • Incentives
    • Recruit
    • Hire
    • Orientation
    • Train
    • Incentives
  • First, Determine: What is the Problem in Your Practice?
    • You're doing the billing yourself.
    • You are marketing it all over the place.
    • You aren't following up with patients after their consults.
    • Your team isn't properly answering their phones.
    • Your staff's drama has you wanting to pull your hair out.
    • ... and so on!
  • Which Position Solves Your Pain?
    • Office Manager
    • Patient Care Coordinator
    • Marketing
    • Director of First Impressions
    • Provider
  • What Do I Look for in the New Team Member?
    • Resume/CV
    • Credentials, Fellowships & Experience 
    • Qualifications
    • Educational Background & Research
    • Board Certifications (Is this a deal-breaker?)
    • Specific personality traits, such as bedside manner
    • Reputation
    • Current Location
    • History Check
    • Why are they looking to partner with YOU?
  • Include Phone Screenings and interviews!
    • And then…
      • Check references
      • Watch out for unsavory social media profiles and sketchy Google searches
      • Perform a background check and drug test
      • Include a formal offer letter with a complete job description
  • What Happens When You Select the Wrong Team Member?
    • Drama!
    • Inefficiencies
    • Lack of productivity
    • Lower $$
  • Once They're Hired:
    • Teach your mission statement
    • Unite your team
    • Create respect
    • Ongoing training
    • Employee incentives
  • Finally, Conduct Regular Employee Interviews

Why Should You Attend:-

Knowing what to look for in a new team member seems like common knowledge... but it's not as common as you think. Providers must be adequately trained on what to look for when hiring a new member of their team. Too often we see that team members do not last long within aesthetic practices or medical offices. Not a surprise since this is typical in many workplaces and industries, BUT there are principles and methods for selecting and retaining the right employees from the start. This lecture will teach just this.

Who Should Attend:-

Doctors such as body and facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists, as well as physician assistants and nurse practitioners within the aesthetic/cosmetic medical space.

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