International Background Checks: Global Due Diligence and Legal Compliance

Lester Rosen
From: Aug 22, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


Employment is no longer restricted by international borders, and due diligence now requires an understanding of international background checks.

Employers have long recognized that conducting due diligence on new hires is a mission-critical task. Firms cannot afford to be sidetracked by employee problems such as workplace violence, theft, false credentials, embezzlement, harassment, or trumped-up injury claims. Employers can be the subject of lawsuits for negligent hiring if they hire someone that they should have known, through the exercise of due diligence, was dangerous, unfit, or unqualified.

With the mobility of workers across international borders, it is no longer adequate to conduct these checks just in the United States. A significant percentage of the population consists of immigrants. In addition, an increasing number of workers have spent part of their professional careers abroad. With business going global, U.S. firms are having to staff up offices internationally as well.  The number of countries from which employers seek additional information about applicants is expansive and includes India, China, Philippines, France, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, and Canada, among others.

The challenge for employers is that obtaining international information is much different than domestic U.S. background checks.  Every country is an adventure with its own rules, laws, and practices.    In addition, the world is literally awash with fake educational claims and trumped-up employment histories are commonplace.  There are also significant challenges in obtaining criminal records internationally as well.  In addition, there are strict privacy laws around the world, and every country is different.  

However, the good news for employers is that there are more resources than ever to perform international background checks and that a program can be implemented to increase an employer’s due diligence consistent with international privacy rules. Employers will learn that although international screening can be challenging, there are ways to help hire the best regardless of the country involved.

This seminar will introduce employers to international background checks, including the legal, practical, and cultural challenges employers face when obtaining information outside of the U.S. Among the topics covered are the ins and outs of international criminal records, terrorist databases, and whether background checks are needed on applicants with a Visa.  Also covered will be international employment and education verification, and how to protect against fake international degrees and fraudulent job histories.  Special emphasis will be placed on data protection and privacy including the rules of the European Union and Canada.

Learning Objectives:- 

  • Learn why international background checks are becoming mission-critical for employers.
  • Understand the challenges and availability of international background checks including international criminal records, as well as employment and education verification.
  • Learn why employers cannot simply rely upon  the issuance of a VISA as proof an applicant has the credentials claimed
  • Learn the legal and privacy aspects of checking international criminal records and credentials
  • Examine best practices to protect your organization in a high-risk environment where international employment fraud runs rampant and fraudulent education claims are easily made.

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