Multi-State Employment In The Time Of Covid-19

Mark Schwartz
From: Feb 17, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023
Recorded Webinar


Covid-19 has made the situation a concern for many employers that previously didn’t have to worry. Specifically, many employers are now having employees work from home. Employee homes are often not in the same state as the office in which they worked. Currently, our governments in many states are not allowing businesses to reopen under “normal” circumstances.

The result of all this is that many employers are choosing to make the temporary decision of “work from home” permanent. Most states agreed to suspend the normal rules on multistate employment to accommodate Covid-19 arrangements. The minute you decide to make work from home permanent invalidates the suspension.

So join Mark Schwartz in this important webinar. You will be fully versed on the requirements for workers in other states. His unique experience in handling employer requirements in all 50 states gives him the edge for training in this area.

Areas Covered:-

  • What are the normal (pre-Covid-19) rules on multistate workers
  • How has Covid-19 changed these rules for most employers
  • What is the 4 part test for paying UI tax to states
  • How do I determine which states I withhold SIT for
  • How do I manage a workforce who travels in multiple states
  • Which states have reciprocal agreements
  • Which states have a state income tax
  • Which states have local employment taxes
  • Is my payroll system up to date to fulfill all requirements
  • What other HR issues should I be concerned about


Having employees in more than one state creates a lot of headaches for both payroll and H/R managers alike. You must know the visiting state(s) rules for unemployment insurance, state income tax, and another state/local taxes.

You have to understand when you must register as an employer in the visiting state, and withhold income tax for both states. Further, some states have reciprocal agreements to alleviate these burdens, but most don’t.

Why Should You attend:-

  • Do I have workers who live in one state and work in another?
  • Do I have workers (such as a sales force) that travel routinely to fulfill their job duties?
  • Do I fully understand where a worker will be approved for unemployment insurance, and what will happen if I haven’t paid UI tax in that state?
  • Do I know if an employee’s home state requires state income tax withholding? If so, are there minimum earnings or time requirements?
  • Do I know all of the State and Local taxes that differ from the state(s) I operate in?
  • Can I effectively advise workers on their requirements for filing for employee benefits, or for filing their personal income taxes?
  • Do we, as an organization, know all of the possible payroll and HR differences that occur among different states?

Who will Benefit:-

  • Payroll and HR managers
  • Compensation and hiring staff
  • Finance and Operational managers
  • Executive Staff

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