Success Tools and Strategies for Today s Top Assistants

Stacy Leitner and Lisa Olsen
From: Aug 02, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


Administrative professionals who want to discover their brilliance know that taking a regular inventory of personal skills, behaviors, attitudes, and goals is paramount to success in their career. Exercising one of the tools used in the strategic planning process, the SWOT Analysis, can help identify where you can increase contributions, build partnerships, improve productivity and prevent complacency. Assistants who understand, execute, and strategize the outcomes of this exercise will have the advantage. 

Your Benefits of Attending:-

  • Discover how to utilize a personal SWOT analysis that will build your brand and professional presence. 
  • Discover the 5-15 Report and how it can help increase efficiency and prepare you for performance evaluations. 
  • Learn techniques for aligning with your boss. Navigate the rough patches with confidence. 
  • Learn the characteristics of integrity and what it “looks like” in the workplace. 
  • How to build and maintain your credibility – keys to building trust in relationships and collaborations. 
  • Learn the top 5 success strategies every assistant should know and practice. 

Join Lisa and Stacy as they share proven strategies and tools to help you excel.

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