Taking the Administrative Professional Role to the Next Level

Julie Reed
From: Jan 29, 2024 - To: Dec 31, 2024
Recorded Webinar


Join Julie Reed and understand how to break down the mental barriers that are holding you back from optimizing your performance and taking your career as an Administrative Professional to the next level. You will learn strategies that work for corporations and participate in training typically made available to only Leaders and Managers. You can infuse your role with creativity and momentum, which in turn will improve your productivity and impact.

Why should you Attend:-

  • Debunk the legacy myths that define and undermine the administrative assistant role.
  • Dare yourself to change the paradigm of the profession and silence negative self-talk.
  • Discover daily opportunities that are available to you today and awaken your engagement.

Join Julie for this session and you will walk away with a whole new perspective. Specializing in applying tested business concepts to the administrative profession, along with everyday lessons and a little bit of humor, she will address the career myths truthfully, then challenge you to perform a daring next move.

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