Taxing Gifts, Awards and Other Fringe Benefits

Dayna Reum
From: Jul 19, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


Companies are providing more fringe benefits to employees than ever before, which increases company costs but raises employee morale.  Because of this, the IRS has more to say on which Fringe Benefits are taxable and which are not. The IRS puts a lot of regulations around how the fringe benefit is given for non-taxable fringe benefits.  This program will guide how you can determine when a benefit becomes taxable.

Participants will walk away with a better understanding of the IRS's views on fringe benefits taxation.  The details of the IRC exceptions allowed by the IRS will be detailed and explained thoroughly. Participants will also be able to better identify and calculate the fair market value of fringe benefits for taxation purposes.

Learning Objectives:-

  • Learn FMV (Fair Market Value) and how the IRS determines it.    
  • Learn Moving/Relocation Expenses  
  • Learn qualified transportation benefits  

Areas Covered:-

  • Review FMV (Fair Market Value) and how the IRS determines it.    
  • Discussion on No additional cost services, employee discounts, working condition fringe benefits & De minimis Fringe Benefits.    
  • Review qualified transportation benefits    
  • Discuss several excludable fringe benefits such as Retirement planning, athletic facilities, achievement awards, etc.
  • Discuss fringe benefits that should be taxable   
  • Review Moving/Relocation Expenses   
  • Review executive taxation items, like spousal travel. Company aircraft usage etc.   
  • Once a benefit is determined taxable, how to handle it   
  • Current changes due to tax reform

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