The Ins And Outs Of Injection And Infusion Coding

Lynn Anderanin
From: Oct 18, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022
Recorded Webinar


Injections and infusions can be a diagnostic, prophylactic, or therapeutic treatment for many different conditions and diseases, but the reimbursement can be challenging as not only are there CPT codes for the administration of the treatment but also codes for the medication given. Improper coding of injections and infusions can have a negative effect on a practice by causing revenue losses. This webinar will ensure attendees that they are not only properly coding and reporting these services, but also taking the next step in making sure their company is offering them at a profit rather than a loss.

Webinar Objectives:-

Proper coding and reporting of infusions and injections start with having accurate and complete documentation of the services and procedures performed, along with medication information, and in many circumstances, the time involved in the treatment of the patient.  Understanding the type of injection or infusion as well as the reason for the treatment will be needed for choosing the proper codes both from a CPT® as well as ICD-10 and HCPCS perspective. Our expert speaker will look at many case examples to ensure that the attendees have valuable information on the ins and outs of this coding. We will also assist in identifying the proper coding sections of CPT® codes to be used based on the type of injection or infusion. In addition, we will discuss what to do when multiple forms of treatment are performed for the same patient on the same day.

Webinar Agenda:-

  • Proper code selection by the form of treatment in CPT®
  • Correct understanding of start and stop times for infusions
  • Utilization of the several forms of injection
  • Insurance company policies for infusions and injections
  • Reporting of ICD-10 codes based on the official guidelines
  • Assignment of HCPCS drug codes 
  • Confirming profitable reimbursement for medications

Webinar Highlights:-

  • Is hydration considered an infusion, injection, or push? 
  • How to apply initial, concurrent, and sequential more accurately to choose the right CPT® 
  • When should an infusion be reported as a push? 
  • CCI 2022 Policy Manual guidelines apply when billing these claims
  • Get paid for more of the supportive drugs  
  • Capture the highest allowable reimbursement with initial, concurrent, and subsequent administration codes 
  • Cut through the confusion of assigning infusion HCPCS drug codes
  • Uncover ICD-10-CM chemo treatment guidelines to ensure you avoid denials
  • Uncover included and excluded services to maximize pay-up and reduce denials

Who Should Attend:-

Physicians, nurses, physician assistants, coders, billers, administrators, managers, supervisors, claims processors, claims adjusters, medical assistants, reimbursement, and collection specialists.

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