Refund And Cancellations

Ineducator Cancellation, Substitution, and Refund Policy

Cancellation (only for Live Webinar):

Ineducator Cancellation, Substitution, and Refund Policy Cancellation (only for Live Webinar):

Cancellations cannot be done when the webinar is paid 72 hours prior to the scheduled date. Refund can be made for payment of fee before 72 working hours of the scheduled date against processing fee of 10 % of the webinar cost. We recommend you to notify us as soon as possible in case you will not be able to attend the session.

Replacement (Only for Live Webinar):

Ineducator provides you with an option of substitution. You can either replace a webinar for a different upcoming session or you can replace yourself with another attendee in place of registered participants. We recommend you to replace a live webinar to avoid the processing fee.


Substitution / Cancellation will not be accepted in the following cases:-

  • If the registered attendee skipped the webinar.
  • If the registered attendee fails to inform us before 72 hours of scheduled date of the live webinar.
  • If the registered attendee didn't receive the webinar instructions owing to email bounce/firewall protection.
  • If there occurs a system incompatibility at the attendee's side.

Refund Policy for Live & Recorded Webinars (Pre-Recorded & On-Demand Webinars)

We do not accept any refunds in circumstances where we require postponing the live webinar dates due to unpredictable situations. The registered participants will be provided with an alternative to opt for on-demand webinar of the same postponed session at any day without paying any product subscription fees.

Participants will not be given refunds in situations where customers didn’t get any set of instructions and failed to complain to the customer support before 72 hours of the scheduled live webinar. In case the customers failed to receive instructions or login credentials owing to email bounce or firewall protection, it is their responsibility to inform about the same to the customer support to get the crises solved.

Special Cases:

  • In situations when while attending a live webinar/ pre-recorded session, there is a technical glitch like an auditory disturbances or visual problems, attendees will be refunded post proper examination from exact time an duration provided by them. Once the examination is done to our satisfaction, your money will be refunded.
  • You will not be provided any refunds if the webinar is rescheduled by a speaker. In such a case, the event will be postponed to a further date or the product worth the same amount will be rendered.
  • No refunds will take place if there are multiple orders or there are different products with the same contact information.
  • No amount will be refunded if the customer reordered the same product by mistake and failed to inform the company about the same within 24 hours of transaction. Confirmation of payment form the payment gateway is sent to the customer’s email address. It is sole responsibility of the customer to check the email folders including junk/spam to confirm the same.
  • There will not be any refunds for an On-Demand/Pre-recorded webinar sessions post the webinar instruction are delivered. It is always suggested to review all the available options and go through the training agenda thoroughly.


Refund Policy for DVD:

In case if the DVD is destroyed or malfunctioned, customers will be provided with a new DVD post submission of proper evidence which includes a photo or a video displaying damage or malfunction of the product. The damaged DVD should be shipped within a period of 7 days of receiving the damaged product.


Refund Policy for Transcript/ Digital Download:

No money is refunded in case of transcripts and digital downloads.


What If I am not contented with the training provided in the live webinar?

Our webinar sessions are crafted to serve diverse audience with distinguished professional requirements where we put in 100% to cater the needs through our webinars of uncompromising quality and related products. Our belief in complete customer satisfaction lets us share the session highlights and benefits of the webinar on our website. We insist our customers go through the related information before registering. Therefore, in this case, a refund isn’t possible.


Ineducator Disclaimer:

Webinars conducted on ineducator are subject to serve the requirements of our customer. ineducator reserves all the rights to terminate/postpone webinars on the subject at short notice with no loss or liability.